Snowdog Aurora afternoon eco experience

Aurora Hunt Eco Experience

Drive your own husky team

Brave the Polar Nights in the hopes of seeing the sky come to life. A thrilling experience in the Arctic Circle alongside your new husky friends where you can enjoy winter at her finest as you sled through the darkness Aurora hunting.

Get a chance to say hej to our dogs and learn how to handle your own team of huskies before embarking on an adventure of a lifetime. Located not far from the Ice Hotel and the beautiful Torne river, we have the perfect balance of nature and civilisation at our doorstep. Our trails are away from the mass tourist areas in the secluded Taiga forests, and it's unlikely to meet anything else apart from Reindeer, Moose & Arctic Foxes

Follow our guides across stunning frozen swamps, lakes and rivers, through the vast shimmering forests and into the wilderness that is Swedish Lapland. There will be opportunities along the way where you can stop and take photos of the dogs and surroundings and if you like, change drivers so everyone can join in on the fun.

Finish your tour by rewarding your team with some delicious raw dog treats and afterwards enjoy a warm cup of tea/coffee with a snack to warm your bones and feel free to wander around the kennel or ask our guides any questions you may have about our huskies or the sport of mushing.

Included in the tour:

Transfers, warm clothes (although having warm enough gear of your own is always a good idea) & tea/coffee with a snack


18:10 Ice Hotel

18:20 Tourist office

18:30 Ripan Camping

18:45 Campalta

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IMPORTANT: Your safety and the safety of others is essential aspect for us. For this reason, we have the following guidelines and restriccions:   Minimum age to participate in any snowmobile & dog sledding tour is 6 years old (if the weather condition are not too cold), if you are pregnant or you suspect you are we do not recommend snowmobile or dog sledding tours as the trails can be bumpy and unpredictable.


2 persons/sledge                      SEK   1500/adult or 1400/student 900/children older than 6 years old


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