Snow Mobile 32 km Tour though the Artic Nature

Snowmobile 32 km Tour through the Artic Nature

Drive a fast snowmobile through the Lapland Forests (just the driving)



32 kms lenght for this tour (just the driving)

Warm clothes for Artic Conditions are included in this tour (snow overall, snow boots, google, etc)


This tour service is offered by a Snowmobile company to Campalta guests



IMPORTANT: Your safety and the safety of others is essential aspect for them and for us. For this reason, they have the following guidelines and restriccions:   Minimum age to participate in any snowmobile & dog sledding tour is 6 years old (if the weather condition are not too cold), if you are pregnant or you suspect you are we do not recommend snowmobile or dog sledding tours as the trails can be bumpy and unpredictable.

Detailed terms and regulations regarding driving of snow mobiles, waiver, driving licence etc. can be found here



2 persons/snowmobile                      SEK   1200/adult & 1100/student

1 person/snowmobile                        SEK   1600/adult & 1500/student

kid/snowmobile                                 SEK     700/kid from 6/12 years    old

Snowmobile tour 32 km driving
This is a tour for Snowmobile lovers!!
In this tour, we just drive snowmobile!!! (you drive the snowmobile yourself)
Amazing driving over frozen lakes and rivers through the snow-covered and beautiful winter forest. We pass the world-famous Ice hotel also so you can see the outside!
09.00-09.30h They pick you up with a minibus from our pick up locations
09.30-10.30h Thet will provide you with extra winter clothes for the tour (overall, winter shoes, extra gloves, goggles, helmet, etc) and you will be informed about the driving instructions.
10.30h-13.00h Amazing snowmobile driving through the magical forest of Lapland over frozen lakes and rivers.
13.00h back at Campalta
13.30h back to your hotel in town
(For further information about snowmobile regulation please press here 
Adult:     1200sek (2 pers/snowmobiles)
Student: 1100sek (2 pers/snowmobile)
Children under 12 years old 700sek (2 pers/snowmobile)
Extra option: single snowmobile 400sek extra per person just available under request via email
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