Snow Mobile tour through the Artic Nature to the World Famous Ice Hotel

Snowmobile tour through the Artic Nature to the World Famous Ice Hotel

Exciting drive over frozen lakes and river Torn.

After you arrive at Camp Alta Wilderness Camp they will take you to the dressing room and ensure that you are properly dressed for the often freezing snowscape outside. On a speeding snowmobile the temperatures can drop to -60c with wind chill but they have super warm clothes to ensure that you do not feel too cold. All part of the adventure!

Before we start the Snowmobile Tour, they will be given a short important training course on how to drive and stay safe. All their guides are experienced and hold Snowmobile qualifications in their scooter company.

Nothing moves your adrenalin much more than speeding across frozen lakes on an advanced Tech Snowmobile, experiencing the coldness rush by you and the snow spray behind your SnowSled.

They usually drive slowly at first a couple of times around the frozen lake AltaJärvi so you can get accustomed to the power of the Snowmobile and feel comfortable driving it. Then when you are ready, they begin the real adventure.

They will cross into the Poikkijärvi forests and ride through the diamond white covered trees, under fantastic natural snow arches and across lustrous ice covered swamps and lakes.

This snowmobile tour shows Lapland at it's most majestic. They will stop on a few occasions to ensure that you are warm and comfortable and take some pictures of you and your friends with the snowmobiles around some breathtaking scenery. They travel out of the forest on to the imposing frozen River Torne, here they can pick up the speed a little and have some real fun out on the expansive and beautiful Artic terrain.

After we cross the river, we drive past the oldest standing Sami Church in Lapland which you will have the option to visit should you wish, entry to the Sami Church is Free. While you are at the Church you can also visit the Nutti Sami Sida and get a taste for the ancient culture of the Sami People and feed the Reindeer. You will have an opportunity to visit these places in the afternoon.

They will leave you at the original world famous Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi where you can purchase a ticket from the Ice Hotel reception for around 300 Sek, you can also enjoy a non-alcoholic drink at their ice bars or have some food at the two restaurants they have.

Some hours later after you have explored this quaint little Lapland village we will return you to your awaiting Snowmobiles and they will continue the trip home. Weather and conditions depending they will take you a fantastic variation on the way home giving you another opportunity to explore and drive through some other marvellous Arctic locations.

On arrival back to the Camp Alta you will most certainly have had a very memorable, authentic and impressive day out Snowmobiling in Swedish Lapland.


  1. All warm clothing required for Arctic conditions.
  2. Experienced guide to lead the tour.
  3. Pick up/Drop off service is included for those guests who live in other hotels, (note the ticket to the Ice hotel is paid by you )



IMPORTANT: Your safety and the safety of others is essential aspect for this scooter company and for us. For this reason, they have the following guidelines and restriccions:

Minimum age to participate in any snowmobile & dog sledding tour is 6 years old (if the weather condition are not too cold), if you are pregnant or you suspect you are we do not recommend snowmobile or dog sledding tours as the trails can be bumpy and unpredictable.


Detailed terms and regulations regarding driving of snow mobiles, waiver, driving licence etc. can be found here


  1. 32 km drive over frozen lakes and Torne river.
  2. All warm clothing provided for Arctic conditions on the tour.
  3. Visit to the amazing Jukkasjärvi Icehotel (ticket is not included in this tour, our guide will inform where to get it)
  4. Optional: Visit to one of the oldest Sami churches in Lapland at Jukkasjärvi



2 persons/snowmobile                      SEK   1200/adult & 1100/student


1 person/snowmobile                        SEK   1600/adult & 1500/student


kid /snowmobile                                 SEK 700/kid 6-12 year old

Sample itinerary


09.00-09.30h We pick you up with a minibus from our pick up locations


09.30-10.30h We provide you with extra winter clothes for the tour (overall, winter shoes, extra gloves, goggles, helmet, etc) and you will be informed about the driving instructions.


10.30h-11.45h Amazing snowmobile driving through the magical forest of Lapland over frozen lakes and rivers.


11.45h-14.00h. Visit to the Ice hotel (ticket is not included in this tour)


14.00h we meet at the snowmobiles


15.00h back at Campalta


15.30h back to your hotel in town


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