Camp facilities

LogoMakr (12)      Free WiFi access in service building


LogoMakr (13)      Public and Private Saunas


LogoMakr (8)      Wood bags at the reception for a fee.


LogoMakr (14)      No deadlines


LogoMakr (8)      All cabins are electrically heated


LogoMakr (7)      Common area with showers, kitchen and chill out zones


ski      Skiing equipment for rent


LogoMakr (16) Bed linen and towels for rent


LogoMakr (17) Transfers (only available during winter time from 15th Nov till 15th April)


LogoMakr (4) Grill and campfire


LogoMakr (18) Children play area


LogoMakr (17) Camping with electricity


LogoMakr (5) Camp location ideal to spot northern lights and wildlife




There are 2 saunas available for all our guests at the camp, free of cost. The floating sauna is the largest one and is open for everyone living with us. It can accommodate 16 - 24 people at once and is located on the main camp area. You can also take an arctic dip in the lake through the ice hole in the sauna. The sauna has a heated relax room and an outdoor fireplace attached. 

LThe private sauna is available to book and use for free and can accommodate 4 - 5 people at once.

You can order your bag of wood at the opening hours at the reception for 70SEK/ bag.

Arctic fireplace

This cozy common area is for all our guests where you can have a camp fire, relax and socialize. It can accommodate 20 - 30 people around the fire and has benches with reindeer fur for seating. You can also use the fireplace as a grill.


Dressing room

We have a large dressing room that can accommodate up to 24 - 30 people at once. This area is used before and after the tours to dress up for the Arctic conditions. Overalls, boots, socks, gloves, balaclavas, helmets, goggles etc. are provided free of cost along with all tours. These can also be rented, if you need them throughout your stay with us.

crossc 2

Cross country skiing

A popular sport in Sweden, you can try cross country skiing at Camp Alta. There are some amazing trails along the frozen lake and into the forest surrounding the camp that you can use to try this sport. All the equipment is available for rent at the camp.