Frequently Asked Questions


How to book?

You can book directly from our booking system from our website, we suggest to browse our link “Procedure” so get useful information about shuttle service.

What is your booking policy?

Camp Alta takes 5% deposit of the booking, this 5% is non refundable in any case once you make the reservation.

30 days before the arrival you will receive an email asking you to pay the rest of the booking.

Please, important kindly note: If this payment is not concluded before the 30 days prior to your arrival, payment will be charged to your credit card.

If we can not collect the payment 30 days prior to your arrival we will contact you to request the payment and if you don’t pay cancel the booking (without cost for you).

Can I only book tours with you?

No, the dog sledding is running by our partners which are responsable over the husky tours.  You  can book individual tours with them through our website. They provide free pick-up and drop service for those guests who live in other hotels in Kiruna from one of their 5 pick up loactions (New city (outside Scandic hotel entrance),Ica Kvantum supermarket, tourist office, Ice hotel, Ripan Camping. You can find the details of all our tours here.

Important to know before booking

Winter season: 15 Nov – 15 Apr

Campalta is basically a wilderness camp, all the guest who book a cabin with us have free access to fireplaces, teepee and saunas

Please kindly note we are self cleaning and self catering camp, if you prefer you can order our cleaning service online or upon arrival at the reception.

Remember to do groceries ready before you come across, since there is not supermarket neither shops at the camp.

Check in starts from 15.00pm so if you arrive by train we highly suggest you to get the local bus there is immediately after the train arrives which will take you till Centrum, the main square of Kiruna, there you will find the tourist office center.

If you arrive by plane, you can get the local bus there is immediately after the flight lands to Kiruna.

Obs: try to not lose the local bus since there is just one after the train and the flight.

Please browse our Covid-19 suggestions from our front page too.

Note bed linen and towel are not included in the price, you can bring your own or hire from us for a fee upon arrival at the reception.

The dog sled tours publicised in our website are offered from other companies who are responsable for their tours. Campalta is only offer the snowmobiles and Abisko tours.


Our camp is located 15 km from Kiruna and all our guests need to do shopping before coming across to our camp.

How far in advance do I have to book?

We strongly recommend to book with us as soon as possible as we are often fully booked early in the season.

Can we have extra people in the cabin?

This depends on the size of your cabin and local regulations, preferably no but you can contact us to discuss about it.

How can I make changes to the booking?

Changes to the booking can be made by contacting us on email or phone. Changes are possible subject to availability and as per our regulations.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us by email or by phone for urgent matters during office time please. The details are provided on the “contact us” page.

Can I pitch a tent at your camping?

Yes, it is possible to pitch your own tent at the camp only during summer season (june, july and august). We do not recommend this during the winter as temperatures in Lapland can drop as low as – 40 C. We don’t take previous booking, just drop-in.

What languages do you speak?

We speak English, Swedish, Spanish, French, Finish, Italian and Portuguese. Feel free to contact us in any of these languages as per your preference.


Camp services

Can I get transfers to/from the airport/train station?

Currently no.

What tours do you offer?

We offer Snowmobile, Dog Sledding & Northern Light Tours, if you are staying at our camp you can try Cross Country Skiing, Ice Fishing, Canoeing and Hiking, you can even try and build an Igloo. If there is something else you would like to do please contact us direct to discuss

What facilities do you have in the cabins?

All the facilities provided in the individual cabins can be found under the “Cabins” and “Facilities” menus. If you have any other questions regarding facilities please feel free to contact us.

Do you have laundry facilities?

We do not have laundry facilities, only possible for long period bookings.

Do the cabins have electricity?

Yes, all cabins have electricity connections and conveniently accessible plug points to charge your devices.

What can I do during my free time?

Guests can enjoy free activities in the camp such as Ice fishing, free access to our wood-heated sauna and our tepees you can get for a fee a bag of wood for 70 SEK (for those who book snwomobile tour they will get a bag of wood free of charge)
Winter protection clothes are provided for free for the tours.

Can we have a double bed?

Yes, our new 2-bed cabins contain a double bed and are perfect for a couple. Most of our other cabins have bunk beds.

Will I have to use the public sauna?

No, if you would like to have your own private sauna, this is available free of cost to book at the camp. The smaller private sauna can be used by 4-5 guests at a time. The main sauna is open to all our guests to use 24 hours a day.

Arrival and checking in

Where is Camp Alta located?

Camp Alta is situated 15 km from Kiruna in the forest in a small village named Alttajärvi. Our address is

Jullebovägen 2
981 92 Kiruna

What is the payment method?

We accept payment by all major credit cards and Swedish crowns.

How do I get to the camp site?

By car

Camp Alta can be reached by following the road E-10 in the direction of Lulea if you come from Kiruna, the road leading to the camp is on the right side after 15 kms from Kiruna city.

By air

If you are arriving in Kiruna by air then we recommend you transfer from the airport to the Kiruna city centre (tourist office) by the local bus there is after every flight. The local flight bus has a stop nearby Ica Kvantum supermarket and Centrum where the tourist office is.

You have also posibilities to store your luggages in consigne at the tourist office (tourist office is closed on Sundays, we highly suggest their opening timing schedule) meanwhile you do groceries or visit around and then take a taxi to the camp.

By train

If you are arriving in Kiruna by train then we recommend you to get the local bus from the railwaystation till the centrum of town where the tourist office is (there is just 2 kms between). You could store your luggage at the tourist office for a small fee in the meantime you do groceries (remember that you need to shopping before coming across since there are not shops or restaurants around this natural area).  Then take a taxi to the camp.

Note on Sundays all the shops are closed in the centrum of town, so the best option for shopping could be the bus stop nearby Ica Kvantum supermarket.

Note check in time starts from 15.00h

What is the cleaning deposit and do I get it back?

We are a self service camp with highly competitive prices. To keep the costs low, we expect that the cabins are left in the same way as found. For this, we collect a cleaning deposit at the time of check-in. The deposit will be returned to you if the house is left as clean as it was found during check in.

Is bed linen and towel provided?

Bed linen and towels can be rented during check-in for 70 SEK for a set of bed linen and towel. You are welcome to use your own bed linen or sleeping bag and towel. Blankets and pillows are present on all beds.

Can I request an early check-in or late check-out?

Please note our only possible Check in time is 15.00pm and latest Check out is 11.30a

You can request to stay longer than 11:30am in the camp however for additional later transfers will be SUBJECT TO A CHARGE under request depending on availability of transportation. CHECK OUT from the cabin MUST BE LATEST 11:30am,

Do you have disabled access?

Due to the location of the camp, it is difficult to provide disabled access. However feel free to contact us for further details.

Food and drinks

Can I bring my own food to prepare at the cabins?

Yes, all our guests have the possibility to cook meals at the self catered kitchens. The larger cabins have fully equipped in-house kitchens whereas the smaller cabins have access to the common service building where you can find an equipped kitchen to cook your meals. All cabins at least have a water boiler and an coffee maker included.

Where can I buy food to cook?

You can buy groceries at the large supermarkets in the city centre (e.g. ICA) where you can find all your groceries.

Terms and Conditions

Who is responsible for the bookings?

The person in charge of the reservation on behalf of the group has to inform  the whole group about our term and conditions, we recommend print a copy of the reservation.

Help us to create a nice environment for all of us and next guests.

What is our cancellation policy?

Camp Alta takes 5% deposit of the booking (cabins and tours), this 5% is non refundable in any case once you make the reservation.

30 days before the arrival you will receive an email asking for pay the remaining 95% of the booking.

If this payment is not made before the 30 days prior to the arrival, we will collect the payment from the credit card you used for the deposit.

If we can’t collect the payment 30 days prior to your arrival we will contact you to request the payment and maybe cancel the booking if you don’t pay, keeping the initial 5% deposit as cancelation fee.

What happens if there is material damage?

If some damage is done in the cabin or its contents you will required to pay for it.

Can I just camp in the Winter?

This campsite is a place for activities, the maximum stay is 4/5  nights

What about smoking in camp?

In all of the cabins and in the service buildings, if you or anyone in your party smoke you will be charge a fee of 5000SEK  

What about complaints?

All complaints must be notified to the owners immediately so we can if necessary remedial or taken action if required. In no circumstances will compensation be made for complaints raised after the tenancy has ended when the Tenant has not given the Owners the opportunity of investigating the complaint and endeavouring to put matters right during the tenancy.


About Swedish Lapland/Kiruna

What are the Northern lights or Aurora Borealis?

The Aurora borealis (Northern lights) is a natural light display in the sky that can mostly be seen from the arctic regions on earth. It is an amazing display of dancing lights shifting and forming curtains of light that shimmer and seem to fall over head. They are produced by the collisions of electrically charged particles from the sun interacting with the earths atmosphere. They come in various colours like green, red, blue, purple, ultraviolet, infrared, yellow and pink. For more details please check out


Can I see the aurora or northern lights from Camp Alta?

Yes, under a clear sky and depending on the solar activity auroras are visible from the camp every year. Thanks to the remote location of the camp away from the light pollution of the city beautiful auroras can be seen even at lower solar activity.

What is the currency of Sweden?

The Swedish currency is known as the Swedish Krona (crowns) and is abbreviated as SEK. You can withdraw Swedish Krona by using your bank card at any ATM or by going to a foreign exchange. Most stores accept European and International credit cards. Please note, euros or other currencies cannot be directly used at most stores.

What is the weather like in Kiruna?

Kiruna is the northern most city in Sweden about 300 kms north of the Arctic circle. The city has Arctic weather and the winters are very cold. The lowest temperature recorded in Kiruna is -43.3 C and it is not uncommon to have such temperatures for a few days during every winter. Daily mean temperatures in the winter are about -12 C.

How many hours of daylight can be expected in Kiruna?

This depends at the time of the year, around the solstice during winter the sun does not rise in Kiruna and whereas in the summer the sun never sets. It is popular to visit us in the summer to view the midnight sun.