Snowmobile regulation

  1. All our snowmobiles tours are guided.
  2. Punctuality will be appreciated.
  3. You will be instructed briefly about snowmobile safety and basic driving skills and knowledge.
  4. We provide extra winter clothes (helmets, snowsuits and insulated boots, ski goggles, warm pair of gloves, etc.)
  5. Drivers must have one of the following driving licenses (car, tractor, AM class1, scooter, mc).
  6. Drivers must be 18 years of age or older in order to carry a passenger.
  7. For the safety of our guests, we allow a maximum of 2 people per snowmobile (driver and passenger).
  8. Participants must realize and accept that there is a certain element of risk involved with driving a snowmobile. Even though these risks are minimal, they do exist, so please note the maximum allowed speed of 70 km/h.
  9. In case of damage caused by the snowmobile driver, you will be charged with a maximum of 6000sek for insurance prime cost.
  10. All guests must sign a waiver of liability prior to tour departure.
  11. For safety reasons, participants must follow the tour guide's instructions otherwise the tour guide is entitled to finish the tour immediately.
  12. Drivers need to keep in mind that this is an adventure with inherent danger, not a race.
  13. Minimum age to participate in any snowmobile tour is 6 years old (if the weather condition are not too cold).
  14. Pregnant woman cannot join on the snowmobile tour.
  15. Our experienced guides require that all the participants drive in line. Zig zag driving and overtaking are absolutely forbidden.
  16. Anyone suspected of being impaired by drugs or alcohol will be denied participation in the snowmobile tour.
  17. Remember that your life as well as the ones of the other participants depend on your reactions, so please maintain a distance of security between vehicles, as instructed by your guide.
  18. Participation in snowmobile tours is at participants' own risk.
  19. We reserve the right to deny participation to any individual.
  20. Snowmobile tours have a 48 hours cancellation policy.
  21. Campalta reserves the right to cancel the tour if the weather conditions are unfavorable.

Important note: during the tour, our guides are equipped with first aid kits, utensils and a bag of extra winter clothes (socks, gloves, scarfs, goggle, etc.)